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Research Design

In 2004 no central funding was obtained for a European Parliament election study, and national study directors – rather than the international research group – funded and conducted the 2004 study in 24 of the 25 EU member countries. Some of the activities of the EES 2004 were supported by CONNEX, a network of excellence funded by the European Commission under the 6th framework program.

The study has two components: a voter study and a media study . In addition, Euromanifesto project collected and coded party manifestos from the relevant parties running in the 2004 European Parliament Elections.

The results of the study are summarized in the following books: “The Legitimacy of the European Union After Enlargement” edited by Jacques Thomassen and “European Elections after Eastern Enlargement” edited by Hermann Schmitt.

Principal Investigators

• Wouter van der Brug (University of Amsterdam)
• Cees van der Eijk (University of Nottingham)
• Mark Franklin (Trinity College Connecticut)
• Michael Marsh (Trinty College Dublin)
• Hermann Schmitt (University of Mannheim)
• Jacques Thomassen (University of Twente)
• Gabor Toka (Central European University, Budapest)

Voter Study 2004

Euromanifesto Study 1979-2004

Longitudinal Media Study 1999-2009