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Research Design

This study is a module of the 2009 European Election Study PIREDEU funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme. The Elite Behaviour Team of the PIREDEU project was responsible for designing the Candidate Survey Study. The topics of the survey include attitudes towards political issues, value orientations, political background, the experience of candidates for the EU-Parliament, political career, engagement and mobilization, usage of campaign instruments; importance of media for election, domestic and European issues, representation and attitudes towards European identity.

The scientific objectives were to carry out sample surveys among all candidates for the European Elections of 2009 in all 27 member states of the EU; and to ensure that the data can be linked to the other PIREDEU data.

The survey builds on a general framework of the so-called “responsible party model”, in which parties play a central role in the recruitment, supply and electoral behavior of candidates, but within which voters also have their input in mandating parties and related candidates. The model implies both an electoral and representative link.

How to cite this data: Weßels, Bernhard, WZB, Berlin (2011): European Parliament Election Study 2009, Candidate Study. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne. ZA5048 Data file Version 2.0.0, doi:10.4232/1.11323



GESIS Data Archive

The data is archived at the Cologne-based GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences