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Research Design

Every component of the study had its own financial supporters. The Voter Study 1979 was a part of a program of public opinion research sponsored by the European Community, plus some academically funded components. The Euromanifesto project was only initiated in 2000 and realized retrospectively for the earlier EP elections. The Elite Study was funded by the Volkswagen Stiftung (Germany), the European Parliament and the US National Science Foundation. The Media Study 1979 was coordinated by Jay Blumler and funded by the European Parlament, the European Cultural Foundation, the Commission of European Communities, the Danish Social Science Research Council, Stiftung Volkswagenwerk, the Dutch National Committee for Direct Elections, the Shell Grants Committee, and the Nuffield Foundation.

This study consisted of a set of questions added to the pre- and post-election regular Eurobarometer surveys of 1979, linked to a campaign study, two elite studies and a study of the media in several countries. In addition, the Euromanifesto project collected and coded party manifestos from the relevant parties running in the 1979 European Parliament Elections.

The main publication of the study involving contributions from the different study components was edited by Karlheinz Reif as a special issue of the European Journal of Political Research.

Principal Investigators

• Jay G. Blumler (University of Leeds)
• Roland Cayrol (CEVIPOF Paris)
• Ronald Inglehart (University of Michigan)
• Isaac Lipschitz (University of Groningen)
• Jacques-Rene Rabier (European Commission)
• Karlheinz Reif (University of Mannheim)
• Rudolf Wildenmann (University of Mannheim)
• Paul Whitely (University of Essex)

Voter Study 1979

Euromanifesto Study 1979-2004

Elite Study 1979

Media Study 1979