The study is part of the Euromanifestos Project (EMP) 1979 – 2004. For this specific study year, 41 (38 from national parties and three from the European parties) out of 67 existing manifestoswere collected and coded.

The Codebook ,which includes the detailed list of coded Euromanifestos, the Euromanifestos Coding Scheme (EMCS), Euromanifesto Coding Instructions, additional information provided by coders and description of the Euromanifestos dataset, can be accessed here.

The Euromanifesto1979 – 2004 data and further information are available from the GESIS Data Archive for the Social Sciences, under doi:10.4232/1.4457. The collected coded manifestos are available on demand in PDF and ASCII-files (UTF-8) format.

The coded manifestos are archived in PDF and ASCII (UTF-8) format at MZES.