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Research Design

The Voter Study 1989 was funded by a grant from the British Economic and Social Research Council, and an additional grant from the Office of the French Prime Minister. A European consortium of a dozen newspapers also added to the funding of the pre-electoral wave of surveys. Other costs of the project were covered by Dutch National Science Foundation, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Mannheim, and the Steinmetz Archive.

This study consisted of a series of three voter surveys. In addition, the Euromanifesto project collected and coded party manifestos from the relevant parties running in the 1989 European Parliament Elections.

The results of the study are summarized in the “Choosing Europe? The European Electorate and National Politics in the Face of Union” book co-edited by Cees van der Eijk and Mark N. Franklin and co-authored by all the members of the research team.Another summary publication of the study was edited by Hermann  Schmitt and Renato Mannheimer already in 1991 as a special issue of the European Journal of Political Research.

Principal Investigators

• Roland Cayrol (CEVIPOF, Paris)
• Pilar del Castillo (UNED)
• Mark Franklin (University of Strathclyde Scotland)
• Manfred Kuechler (Florida State University)
• Renato Mannheimer (Università Bicocca di Milano)
• Michael Marsh (Trinity College Dublin)
• Erik Oppenhuis (University of Amsterdam)
• Hermann Schmitt (University of Mannheim)
• Cees van der Eijk (University of Amsterdam)
• Colette Ysmal (then (CEVIPOF, Paris)

Voter Study 1989

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