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Research Design

European Election Study 2009 was a part of the PIREDEU project that was funded by the European Union’s FP 7 program. The study aimed at designing an infrastructure for research into citizenship, political participation, and electoral democracy in the European Union (EU). This infrastructure provides  an empirical data base on voters, party manifestos, political elites, and news media in all EU member countries.  The infrastructure also comprises the technical and administrative procedures needed to create, develop and maintain such a database.

The results of the study are summarized in “An Audit of Democracy in the European Union” ebook edited by Susan Banducci, Mark Franklin, Heiko Giebler, Sara Hobolt, Michael Marsh, Wouter van der Brug and Cees van der Eijk.

Principle Investigators

• Susan Banducci (University of Exeter)
• Daniela Braun (MZES, University of Mannheim)
• Claes der Vreese (University of Amsterdam)
• Mark Franklin (European University Institute)
• Sara Hobolt (Oxford University)
• Slava Mikhaylov (MZES, University of Mannheim)
• Eliyahu V. Sapir (University of Nottingham)
• Hermann Schmitt (MZES, University of Mannheim)
• Wouter van der Brug (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research)
• Marcel van Egmond (University of Amsterdam)
• Bernhard Wessels (WZB Berlin)

Voter Study 2009

Euromanifesto Study 2009

Elite Study 2009

Media study 2009