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Research Design

The Voter Study was realised in co-operation with the European Parliament and funded by a consortium of private foundations under the leadership of Volkswagen Foundation (the other partners are: Riksbankens JubileumsfondStiftung MercatorFundação Calouste Gulbenkian);  it benefited from the generous support of TNS Opinion. Euromanifesto Study was funded in the framework of the EUENGAGE project. EUENGAGE has received a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

The EES 2014 contains the Voter Study (national representative post-electoral surveys EU-wide) on electoral behaviour and political attitudes; the Euromanifesto Study that includes content analyses of party programs for the 2014 EP Elections from all 28 EU countries and the European Party groups. For the first time, the EES 2014 includes also a Panel Study that consists of a number of online panel surveys in eight EU countries.

Results of EES 2014 are summarized in special issues of South European Society and Politics and Electoral Studies (forthcoming). Further papers based on EES 2014 were presented at the EES2014 Conference that took place between in November 2015 at the  MZES, University of Mannheim.

Principal Investigators

• Daniela Braun (MZES, Universiät Mannheim)
• Felix Dwinger (MZES, Universiät Mannheim)
• Sara Hobolt (London School of Economics)
• Slava Mikhaylov (University College London)
• Sebastian Popa (MZES, Universiät Mannheim)
• Hermann Schmitt (University of Mannheim)
• Eftichia Teperoglou (MZES, Universiät Mannheim & CIES-ISCTE)

EES 2014: Voter Study

Euromanifesto Study 2014

Panel Study 2014