Panel study 2014

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Research Design

The EES 2014 includes for the first time an online panel component (still to be put together). This will consist of a number of online panel surveys that are administered in a eight of EU member countries. The research question behind this initiative is the possibility of lasting re-alignments (or de-alignments as the case may be) that may be initiated by the 2014 European Parliament election. To be more specific, we are interested in comparing the voting behaviour of respondents in the EP election of May 2014 with the subsequent first order national election vote (“vote” here refers to both participation and party choice). Hence the first wave was carried out after the 2014 EP elections and the second wave was/will be carried out after the subsequent national elections.

With the support of the national election teams, the survey will be carried out in Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Britain, Austria, Sweden and Poland. Further attempts are made to extend the number of countries included in this study.