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A new study on declining power of leading parties in Europe is out in CPS. @EESresearch and z-variables in action 
"Why are party systems in modern democracies so robust?" A new model, tested on @EES data, published @PolBehavior 
If you are using @EESresearch data for your #APSA2017 presentation, write/tag us and will let the world know 
If you are using @EESresearch data for your #APSA2017 presentation, write/tag us and we will let the world know! 
Did the crisis influence economic voting in Europe? Find it out in a new article by Liisa Talving 
Have you wondered about electoral consequences of austerity? Read this paper using our EES Voter study 
Do not miss @NielsSpierings and Zaslove explaining the gender gap in voting for populist radical parties 
Are you interested in British eurosceptic voting in 2014? Then do not miss this chapter by @Vasilopoulou_S 
Do you know that both Eurosceptic public opinion and party divisions influence party positions? Find out here 
Take a look at a new article by @RickWhitaker, @simonjhix and Zapryanova on EP Research Group MEP survey 
Combining #EESdata components to study EU politicization in a novel way. New WP available by @fazol et al. 
An article by @SimonOtjes on the Economic Policy Positions of Europeans not fitting the LR Dimension using #EESdata 
An edited collection on the role of Euroscepticism in EP elections of 2014 by Nielsen and Franklin using #EESdata 
Check out a new study "EP Elections as Stepping-Stones to Eurosceptic Party Success" by Mark Franklin using #EESdata 
The first blog on the history of #EES by @efteperoglou, please read, share and comment though the following link: 
We have a blog section in our new website, give feedback and share thoughts on #EES and more here: 
New Voter Study release with the coded MIP items and the possibility to link the #EESdata with the 2014 @ches_data … 
#EESdata On the effects of the European crisis on the national political space in #EU by @SimonOtjes & @A_Katsanidou 
The role of Eurosceptic parties in the 2014 #EPE by @EHernandezPe and Kriesi using #EESDATA @EESresearch 
Work by @sarahobolt and de Vries on the impact of the crisis on the Eurosceptic vote in the 2014 #EPE using #EESdata 
Magalhães explores the voters' defection from government parties in the 2014 EP elections using #EESdata 
'How issue yield explains (non-)reactions to the financial crisis' by de Sio et al (2016) using #EESdata 
When we talk about #Euroscepticism we should know that left-wing and right-wing citizens are very different in nature! 
Dissatisfaction with current #EU or principled opposition to #EU? Here comes the main difference between the left and right wing voters! 
Now comes Wouter van der Brug presenting recent research on #Euroscepticism @Europarl_EN @EP_ThinkTank 
Hermann Schmitt is welcoming the participants and presenting the EES in the @Europarl_EN @EP_ThinkTank 
Vice President Sylvie Guillaume thanks to academics for their anaylsis! We are also happy to be here! @Europarl_EN 
Opening by Vice President Ms. Mairead McGuinness "European Elections: Past and Future" @Europarl_EN @EP_ThinkTank 
EES Team is getting ready for the event "European Elections: Past and Future" at the @Europarl_EN 
Ready to join us in "European Elections: Past and Future" June 15, 2016 - 13.30?@Europarl_EN 
Euroskepticism Beyond #Brexit For this kind of analysis and more data join us at the @Europarl_EN June 15! 
EES Team is getting ready for #Brussels - June 15, 2016 @Europarl_EN. For the details please follow us! #citizens #vote #elections 
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